Enjoyed a nice 2 hour ride today over there in Francestown,NH on sweet singletrack and ripping it up on white slippery snow. Kind of slushy conditions but it appears that we are in for some more powder Monday and Tuesday. This is good. Had a nice chat with Beezie post ride regarding her components for her 650b. Tubes are due here at 44HQ first thing Monday morning. Can’t wait to start mitering her tubes.

Nice Spot

Blurry Log Hoppery

I’m also going to be making some heavy duty bending mandrels for 1.25″ and 1.375″ OD steel and titanium tubes. This one should be big. I’ll have to think of a proper name for this beast. I’m prepping the shop to work with titanium and I need to make some long awaited adjustments to all my bending mandrels to properly work with thin walled titanium. Shit’s about to get interesting. Stay tuned kids. Here’s the first step with .75″ OD / .035 wall thickness tubes for chainstays:

Dimple Die

Dimple Die Getting close

In other news, I went to login just now and got one of these error messages: “Warning: Cannot modify header information theme…”. So about an hour later of my time I found out there there was an extra snippet of code inserted into my “functions.php” file with something to do with “payday loans”. I gotta tell ya… Who in the hell has time on their hands to hack into a random blog out of the millions of blogs for some crap about payday loans? Really people. But a firm warning to all would be hacks: I train in a circle of rock with a pack of wild dogs. You can’t beat me. I’m on a first name basis with Lord Vader himself and I can summon him to melt your brain or throw on one of his signature Jedi Choke holds. Beware. You’ve been warned…