03082 Playlist : Psychedelic Furs

Kid Dangerous on Deck. Not to be Messed with.

Necessary Parts

Hot as hell today welding...

Clearance for Meat and 16.5" C.S. Length


That 44mm Head Tube

Editor’s Note: In the past, I’ve posted every Friday at V-Salon in the “Friday Night Lights” subforum consistently for over 3 years. After much thought and inner dialog, I’ve decided to pull that weekly content here: FAB 5 Fridays lives on but right here where it belongs at 44HQ. I’ll occasionally post in FNL in the future when I have something extra-ordinary, but for the most part, if you want to see my work, you’ll have to come here for exclusive content. Of course, you can always follow me on Instagram (instagram.com/44bikes), and you can see what I’m up to via Flickr for big man sized pics (flickr.com/photos/44bikes). Enjoy and keep the rubber side down.