Clearance for 2.5+ tires, 16.75″ stays and an additional 2″ of top tube clearance from the previous version..
Welds are starting to come together. Not happy with the heat effected zones here-but as Ted Jokes “It’ll be ah-right.. It’s just your frame.”
Still have to add the jewelry and disk mount as well as shorten the top of the seatpost/slot it. But you get the idea here. Lots of stand over clearance, fairly active and compliant rear triangle and lots of tire clearance. This one was a challenge to put together that is for sure. But, that’s what makes things interesting. I’d like to make the bends in the seat stays a little more gradual/sweeping but tooling on hand did not allow for this. We shall see when I move to production quality tubing. Still using 4130 strait gauge tubing to experiment with angles, etc. So far so good. Can’t wait to finish this up and go for a ride.