Huntsman : 2x11 w/ 40mm Tires

It’s always nice to finish up a build, finalize all the details with the client and then watch as Fedex picks up the big box of goods. Some may thing this is a tough thing to watch. I have to admit it gets me excited. The reason for this excitement is I basically put myself in my clients shoes at that moment and realize that after all the weeks and months of waiting and watching the build come together, this is the special moment when YOU KNOW the bike is on it’s way. I’m excited for them because I recall that first build being finished, and the sheer amount of joy it was to build it up, and take it on it’s maiden voyage. That’s some good stuff – worthy of memories, tall tails and stuff you grab that grandson of yours by the collar and state “I remember when…”. I always leave a little note inside for each client so when they get that big box, and start opening, they’re greeted with a fun note: “Time to get STOKED”.

It’s also really fun to get that email when the bike arrives. Sometimes I get a few in a row – be it questions or just reiterating stoke level’s at 11. David’s got his set up in “Attack” mode to start and had a set of Clement 40mm’s on hand for the tire swap. He’s headed to Colorado and is going to put this sucker to the test. Look out Colorado… Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about the adventures! Again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one too. For those interested, here’s the entire build set. Enjoy.

Huntsman : COMMUTE

Huntsman : ATTACK

Huntsman : Let's get in close

Huntsman = Versatility

David's Huntsman

Two parting shots to showcase that versatility that the Huntsman is associated with. Keep in mind this is the same bike. Two sets of different tires for different conditions/modes, two different forks for those same two different applications. Commute. Attack. Bike still is well balanced both in Form AND Function.

David's Huntsman : Attack Mode

Huntsman : Commuter Mode