So I finished up my own CX bike this past week and got it over to powder. Looking forward to riding this one and putting it through it’s paces. I changed a few things as I’ve refined my approach to building these so it’s nice to incorporate those into a new proto for myself. Also decided to work around a Paragon Machine Works steel Post Mount part. I’m happy with the results albeit it is a bit heavier than the standard ISO mount. What might be nice is having just one generic post mount “stud” machined or have the same post mount but with longer “wings” below the post mounts so I have more room to work with. Also used my new back purge setup on this one to iron out some of the details of how that works. Results on the inside are immediately apparent in steel especially the inside of the bottom bracket and seat tube which see the most direct interaction with reams post weld. This should really reduce the wear and tear on my tools when working with steel but also increase the integrity of the welds themselves. More improvements for you the client. Either way, looking forward to building this one up and getting it back on the road or dirt for that matter.

Starting to Weld

Saucy Weld

Paragon Post Mount Fitted


Tight Space to Weld...

BB Welds

Seat Stay Bridge

In the mean time, I’m waiting on approval of parts spec and drawings of the next build on the list: 650b 2×10 trail bike. Till then, enjoy.