It’s double the trouble with 2 Huntsman’s in a row. This one’s for Chris down there in our nation’s capital. Washington in the D.C. yo. Anyhoo, Chris requested 44mm tapered headtube, internal cable routing for disk brakes, a front rack, Engin Fork, and Honjo Fenders painted to match. Flat black is the color of the season right now and Chris wants flat black. “The Dude abides” as they say. I most likely will be doing the fenders the 44 Way though… Stay tuned for that one. We’re going to remove some material. Chopped. Bobbed. Bad A$$. That’s how we roll up here. Here’s some shots for you to peruse. Finished tacking this one this evening:

Tacking Chris's CX Drops

Chris's Huntsman CX Bottom Bracket Assembly

Chris's ST Vent Hole Love'n

Tacking the underside of the Head Tube/Down Tube

Chris's Huntsman CX all tacked