This next bike is a pretty special build. When I first was contacted by Chris, we spoke at length regarding what he was looking for and we settled on something that he primarily will be using to commute to and from work, but if he wanted to could swap out forks for weekend group rides. Dedicated 1×10 with internal cable routing for a clean look. Fenders for wet weather and a rack for easy stowing of work clothes and errand getting. We also discussed a bag for the rack – his work clothes and groceries shaped the overall dimensions however it was my job to really give this a life on and off of the bike that’s useful in both situations. I also gave him enough room to run cross tires should he ever want to roll bigger CX tires too. Chris requested Drew from Engin build the steel fork so Drew and I spoke regarding the build, he made recommendations and within 4 weeks we had a nice steel fork powdered to match.

Here’s Chris’s custom bike in “attack mode”:

Chris's CXish Commuter : ATTACK MODE

Cross Mode:

Chris's CXish Commuter : CROSS MODE

Wet Weather Mode:

Chris's CXish Commuter : WET WEATHER MODE

Haul Mode:

Chris's CXish Commuter : Custom Bag Mounted

Chris's CXish Commuter : Haul Mode

Chris's CXish Commuter : Haul Mode

Rack details:

Chris's White Oak Deck Detail

Chris's Commuter just before getting packed up...


Here’s some bag details too. Shows you how it attaches to the rack, two back pockets for his U-Lock and essentials, there’s an internal hidden pocket for wallet, keys and cell, handles for it to work as a tote when getting the evenings meal and a “tongue” that seals it all shut while exposing one handle so it’s still useful. Rolls up and folds down when not in use.

Chris's Rack Bag / Commuter Essential Modes

Chris's Rack Bag / Features

Lucky No. 88

Lucky No. 88

I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. It was wonderful to work with Chris as a client and I can’t wait to hear about his first days commute and ride. This one really put all my abilities to the test balancing form and function all the while seeing the bigger picture of each mode it will take on without looking a bit clunky or misplaced. Stay tuned because there will be a few more like this coming down the pike…