Finished up Cam’s Huntsman last week and got her out the door. Cam’s had a chance to do a shake down ride too on one of his toughest routes. You can read up about that here. Here’s a few from the final build for you to ogle at. Enjoy.

There's Force 22 and then there's 44orce22

Cam's Huntsman


Ready for takeoff Captain

Build is Sram Force 22 (That’s Sram’s latest groupset and it’s 11 speed for the bicycle component junky impaired). I built another very similar to this one for a client earlier this year. One thing I did slightly different was I did not use a front derailleur braze-on mount. This allowed for a bit more of extra fine tuning of the front derailleur in relation with the chainrings and cogset. After working with the Yaw front derailleur (“Yaw” is a Sram term for their movement of the new 11 speed front derailleurs. They actually move out and angle themselves at a bias towards the inside of the frame to compensate for chain crossover), I decided that a braze on albeit an effective means of installation, was a bit too finicky not only to build with but also to build around. I also knew Cam was going to be doing a lot of monster cross type events with this bike, so a part that is not replaceable is out of the question. The seat tube shim/adapter from Sram is well crafted and works very well-I had infinite adjustment in X, Y and Z planes which is good when you need every micron of shifting performance you can get. Also used in this build was ENVE’s compact 44cm road bars and matching Cross CX Disc Tapered fork. Not only is this setup very stiff, it’s got just the right amount of resiliency in it and carbon’s ability to soak up road chatter and vibration through it’s woven nature is very effective. Rounding out the build were a beautiful set of Industry 9 CX wheels, disc and 135mm spaced. They’re light. They’re set up tubeless. And did I mention they are drop dead gorgeous? Yeah… they’re the stuff of lust. Cane Creek handled headset duties, while Thomson was applied for seat post and stem duties. Other parts of mention were TRP’s cable actuated disc brakes.

Cam also requested a rear rack. Here’s a few shots of that rack and a few detail shots of Lucky No. 40.


Cam's Rear Rack Closeup


Lucky No. 40

44 Head Tube Badgery

This bike will be at all of next years Blue Mountain Revival Production’s events. Cam is the race promoter/organizer and some of the favorites are Wilson’s Revenge, Savage CX and Love Valley Roubaix. So be sure to head on out to Pisgah National Forest in the great state of North Carolina and you just might catch a glimpse of this beauty. Till then…