So I started this build about 2 years ago and lost shop access… So that started the official ‘kick in the ass’ to build out my space and get crackin’. Brett was kind enough to be patient but also provide electrical support for the shop as he is an electrician and a good friend. Shop was finished and Brett had a little girl in between all this. Fast forward and the shop was done, Brett’s bike is done but he was hung up on paint choice. He settled on 44 Team Black. (Good choice I may add…). But naturally his fork was backordered so 3 painful weeks of waiting and it arrived on the shop doorstep bright and early this morning. A phone call, and a build later, Brett and I were out on the dirt roads headed for his builds maiden voyage. We put in a good 15 mile loop on dirt roads that lead to sweet NH singletrack. Occasionally I’d hear a hoot or holla from behind me. I’d stop and ask if all was ok. “Yeah I’m just so damned excited about my bike!” was his candid response. So he’s tickled I suppose. I had a chance to take it for a spin and as a builder, I’m pleased with it’s balance, quickness and it’s ability to shred lines. When he picked it up I had the “Rocky” theme song all set up so when he entered the shop, I hit play and showed him the bike. We had a good laugh. Personal touches here at the shop always. So without further ado… Here’s the result.

Candid Shop Shot

Brett's 29er Complete

Stainless Etched Badges