With all that time on the lathe, it’s time to get back to making some bikes. First up is a hard tail 29er…

BACK in the Saddle

Oh, that felt REAL good...

Ready for final prep

I had not welding in about a month. Things can get rusty when you don’t persist. I found it was a little like riding a bike? But I’m glad I didn’t forget anything…


Let's get in Close


I have to admit I love welding. I’ve said it a bunch of times I know, but unfortunately it’s the shortest task in the whole process. So I get all jazzed when it’s time to weld. Getting ready to tack up the seat stays:

Ready for HEAT

And adding some heat after the jig was removed which held the stays in place while tacking them in place:


This build is the first to use the new 1.375″ O.D. radius seat tube set up. I took my time on purpose with this one to see how everything jives as it goes together. It will take a few builds to refine the overall shape and how much the radius needs to be carried through it’s bend. It does however, manage to give you short stays but a monster amount of tire clearance too because of the new bend’s radius.

We’re currently getting MORE snow. Once I deal with that… again, I’ll be back in the shop to weld this sucker up. Part of running your own business? Sweep the floors, make the coffee, make the bikes and shovel the snow. Hope everyone’s staying warm where ever you are. Till next time, enjoy!

Joe's 29er