At the Races : Savage CX

Client and 44 Bikes Trail Fugitive Rider Yuri on his cobbled together “Cross” 29er…

A while back I was approached by a friend of a friend via First Flight Bicycles in Statesville North Carolina to help out with some event promotion. (I had done FFB’s logo redesign too a while back along with many other design projects too – great shop though kids, check it out!). But with regards to the later, one event led to the next and before you knew it well… I was designing Cam’s event production company’s logo: Blue Mountain Revival! The above shot was taken from this past weekend’s Savage CX. I lent my design hand with regards to the poster and promotion. The event went off without a hitch and reports stated it was a good time by all who attended. Stoked on bikes? You betcha!

Expect to see more support at local events by 44 Bikes in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.