So began another fat bike this week. After this it’s a 29er headed to Canada. Was making great time on this when out of no where my left hand slipped while checking the fit on a internal cable guide and somehow I took off the skin of both my left hands index finger and middle finger. The middle fingers not too bad… but the index finger? Forget about it. Perfect 1/4″ half-round hole. It’ll fill in.. But that set me back for friday as work was a bit tedious and slow going. Good thing it wasn’t the tip of the finger. I’m right handed which is good but you don’t realize just how much you use your other appendage until it’s not useful. Anyhoo, that didn’t stop me. Slow me down some yes. But stop? No.

Here’s this weeks work in pictures:

Ready to be tacked


170mm of Luvin'

Vent Hole Love

OK... That's lookin' T-T-T-Tight!

Here’s the pic just before I destroyed myself…

Internal Cable Routing Exit

But not stopping me… It’s just some blood.



Tacking up Fat Bike Proto No. 2

That’s all she wrote for now. Kaya’s been keeping me company too. Sniffin’ out the Varmint’s naturally.

Mice sniffin'