I recently finished a Kid Dangerous 29er mountain bike. This ones more of a traditional diamond frame tuned for East Coast singletrack in the heart of New England. I’ve made a few updates on geometry, and how the bike was built. Some additional features are:

:: Radius seat tube to achieve 16″ chain stay length. Yes – 16″ and it’s a 29er.
:: Bottom bracket height is 12.25 to quicken steering. Rider center of gravity is just a tad bit more “in” the bike.
:: Paragon Machine Works Post Mount Sliders – 16″-16.8″ of adjustability. This is a test bed for me to have more of an informed opinion on different stay lengths
:: Internal Cable Routing. This isn’t for everyone, but really cleans up the build. It’s a new experience to pick the bike up and NOT feel cables…
:: Paragon Machine Works 44mm head tube. Taper compatible. This is the future of all suspension forks IMO. Considerably stiffer and noticeable under heavy braking.
:: Deeply formed seat stays for lots of heel clearance.
:: Plenty of room for tires up to 2.5″ with room.
:: Chainstays are formed in two directions – ovalized vertically at the dropouts, and flattened at the wishbone for increased stiffness to resist twisting and flex under pedal loads. Power goes through your stroke directly into the drive train while retaining the resiliency and snap of steel.
:: 1.375″ TT. This stiffens the front end substantially. In theory it also strengthens things too.
:: 70.5* head tube angle, 73* seat tube angle. That is a true 73* ST angle. None of this “effective” BS.
:: For those who want to know, the Wheelbase is 42.25″ in length.

Some additional pics:

As you can see there’s plenty of stand over and tire clearance which I always take extra care in providing with each signature custom build. Currently it’s built as a singlespeed but I have plans on building it up as a geared 1×9 in the near future. (Waiting on some parts). Current build weight is 24lbs even. With some different component specs i believe we can get things in the 22lb range for SS mode and sub 24 with gears. I’m really liking the way this Whiskey No. 7 Carbon Fork rides. Stiff where you want it and resilient where you need it. Time will tell. My initial thoughts on handling since I’ve made a few changes are summed up in “This bike is quick.” Right out of the gates you can lean through turns and carve well. Front end pops easily to get up and over obstacles, but stays put when climbing. Plenty of clearance for mud and different tire profiles and that super short stay length is something else. I was expecting a bit of a harsh ride, but I am wrong so far. I forgot how tight a diamond frame can look with just the right touches in design decisions. I spec’d just the right stainless housing for the internal cables so there is no rattle and things stay put. I’d like to refine the seat tube junction area for exactly where they will appear/disappear for a smoother transition. The 44mm Head Tube from Paragon coupled with the Cane Creek 40 series headset is a tight setup. The transitions are clean and I am happy. I’m most curious however with a long term test to see what 16″ stays feel like compare to 16.25, 16.5 and 16.75. I’ll be carrying that test out over the course of 4 consecutive rides where each ride I dial the length out a bit each time. More on this build and my opinions/findings as I ride this bike throughout the coming weeks. Two more for the road:

The jury is still out on color choice for powder… I am really liking the silver natural look.