D to the E to the B

So I’m minding my own business a few weeks back here in the studio, working away at some vectors and design work before I headed down to the shop that afternoon when an email alert catches my attention. Over to mac mail to see what’s doin’ to read the title bar: “YO KRIS ATMO”… There’s only one guy who would use that phrase. I’ve spoken to Richard Sachs maybe once or twice, maybe a handful of times with a question or exchanging pleasantries over on Velicopede Salon. It’s not every day a living legend asks you a question that comes in the form of this:

“I wanna discuss having you make my wife, Deb, a new bicycle. …You up for a possible commission?”

That about sums it up.

Let’s take a step back here. From day one, I pride myself no matter who the client, big-shot or small-fry, that everyone gets equal treatment. That means prompt responses, no questions go unanswered, no email gets thrown aside. So a prompt response on my end was a no brainer. In another 5 minutes he called. A nice conversation about bicycles and The Lovely Deb’s needs and we were handshakes and big talk behind us and on our way to sealing the deal. As you can imagine, this really didn’t set in for a few days. Maybe it still hasn’t set in. But it’s been wonderful working with Richard on his wife Deb’s bicycle. He stated he wanted a modern, tig welded road bike. Something that can handle anything. A Do Everything Bike (D.E.B. – fitting no?). I gotta say: He came to the right guy. This is what the Huntsman is all about. But Richard Sachs is a man of tradition. Lugged construction. PINNED LUGS mind you. Old school. 1.00″ head tubes. All of his bikes are mostly red. Opposites attract? Maybe there’s something to that old saying. But he wanted a bike built by me. A 44 Bikes bike. So that means 44mm head tube. Oversized top tube and down tube. Disc Brakes. 135mm spaced rear dropouts. CARBON TAPERED DISC FORK. Tubeless compatible wheels. Flat black with gloss decals? It’s not official but I sense maybe that is where it’s going. He’s interested. There you have it and you heard it here first: Talked the hungry dog off the meat truck.

Few weeks pass and this past week, we’re off and running:

A D.E.B. for the ATMO

TLD's Pieces Parts

ATMO Vent Hole Love


TLD's BB Assembly

TLD's Huntsman Coming Together

HT / TT Tacking

TLD aka The Lovely D.E.B. Bottom Bracket Welds

TLD Head Tube Weldery

Bottom Bracket Weldery

Welding those Dropouts

Upside Down

TLD's D.E.B. for the ATMO

Today I started the rear rack. I’ve also got an idea of a front “soft” rack too. Something that ties in with the handlebars to handle their little dog who apparently accompany’s TLD on errands and missions into town. More on that one soon:

Deb's Spoiler

Rack Mount Key's into Place

M5 Bolt Access

More shortly as this build nears completion. We’ll be unfortunately waiting on a Force 22 Rear Derailleur and Cassette which look to be back ordered from all of our sources till sometime in the beginning of October. But then again, perhaps that’s the perfect time to finish this one off and enjoy the fall foliage? Who knows. Maybe a group ride baptism will be in order. More soon as things get done.