So this year going to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is not in the deck of cards.  All funds are dedicated to the shop and making 44 Bikes a strong brand moving forward.  But I’ve been working really hard to get out a 30 page catalog pdf of my 3 flagship frames and a bunch of other goodies.  I was also recently asked to submit some shots of the 44 Lightning (name change kids… some of you know this bike as the 44F1) to a great website featuring custom bicycles: Cycle Exif.

So check out some money shots from the new 2011 Catalog on the 44 Flickr stream. Download the new 44 Bikes 2011 Catalog here. Or get on over to Cycle Exif’s website and check out a nice feature on this bike and 44 Bikes. Adam from Cycle Exif was nice enough to feature one of my bikes. My own private NAHBS preview.