6.24.2011 / 5:31pm: I get the call on friday: The new windows are installed, come get the 6 they replaced.

6.24.2011 / 5:35pm: A plan is hatched to pick them up from there former bosom. Option 1: Arrange pickup of U-Haul man-van at destination. Price: $264.00 not including gas… Option 2: Arrange pickup of U-Haul man-van in NH, 216 mile round trip, .59 cents per mile with a $19.95 rental fee. Price: Approximately $146.00. Option 2 wins.

6.24.2011 / 5:45pm: Call Ivan to confirm times of pickup arrival time (6pm / 6.25.2011), and arrange festivities post manual labor. All three parties involved agree: This is a good plan…

6.24.2011 / 6.25.2011: Can’t sleep. Too Excited… 4pm pickup time of U-haul arrives. “The Pony” (2001 Honda Civic 4 door 5 speed LX) is called to the runway and scrambled en-route to U-Haul. Papers reviewed. Signatures signed. Boxes crossed. Initials initialed. Smiles abound. Admire the Ford Econoline moving van. We agree: “This is a man’s vehicle”. We’re on our way.

99.8 miles later we arrive at the destination. Greetings greeted. Good cheer abounds. Windows loaded in “Jig time”. Secured, strapped, checked, and padded. Discussion about which method of packing is safest ensues; eyes squinted. Straps rechecked. Methodology approved. Dinner served. Laughs and good cheer enjoyed. Hugs, handshakes and good tidings given.

9.00pm: Back on the road. 99.8 miles north. Rain. HEAVY RAIN. Tailgator’s cursed. High beamers beamed. Back in the bosom of New Hampshire. That great state of granite.

11:30pm: Back up to the shop. Unload the cargo. Stop for a second of 11:40pm admiration of my 6 new windows… Head lamps off. Lock up the shop. Snap back into the Man-Van. Back on the road to drop off the man-van.

12:15am: Keys returned. Contract signed, sealed, delivered. One last inspection of our trusty man-vehicle. Christened “Todd”. Back into the Pony. Open road. Eyes tired. Yawns yawned. Eyes rubbed. Red eyes reddening.

1:00am: Back home. Teeth brushed. Hit the sack. Major shuteye abounds. Dreams of shop windows dance in our heads.