So next up is a 29er equipped with a Rolloff 500/14 internally geared hub. This one is headed to paint too. NOT powder. I’ll just leave it at that regarding paint. Bike will be a mix of components including ENVE Mtn. Fork, Jones Loop Bars, Thomson bits here and there, Wheels will be laced by Mike Curiak of Lacemine29, and Race Face will handle the crank turning bits. There will even be some anodization involved too. Not just black. Good grief Charlie Brown! This one’s finished and down in Providence, RI to get the loving paint touch by Jay Nutini. He showed me the paint choices and I did not complain. We worked with the client on the color scheme and Jay’s got the colors all lined up with his personal touch added to the mix. Put your trust in your painter. I do. Getting things done at 44HQ:

Pieces Parts


Internal Routing

Usual Suspects

Back in the Saddle

Bottom Bracket Welds

Bottom bracket assembly finished, everything gets loaded into the jig post clean/prep and it’s that time we’ve all been waiting for (me especially): Some of that Old Time TIG Welding…

Let's Weld Some Bike!


Feel the Post Flow


Stereotypical wheel check. An important step for the subconscious.

Wheel Check

And those seat stays in place:


Rich's Rohloff 29er

Time to weld some bike frame

Here’s a pro tip. Or so called “pro tip” perhaps. So I used to cut my weld wire in half. It comes in 36″ lengths and that end can get to swinging and swaying. A distraction in other words. One day, I decided not to cut one in half and as I was welding, I suddenly found myself tucking the end of the filler under my arm. That stopped it from flailing about and gave me a bit more control (and less waste too). 44 Tuck brought to you by Patagonia. No not really – I just wear mine like a sweater and it never seems to come off me. Anyhoo, here’s the tuck:


Let's do some welding...

Mid weld process shot. Love this shot for some reason. Bringing it all together!

Connect the dots...

And some Weld XXX:


Head Tube Weldery

Head Tube Weldery

Big Tube Connected to the Other Big Tubes

And some of the finishing touches: Curved Seat Stay Bridges (kind of one of my favorite parts). Hand fitted because it keeps things interesting.

Seat Stay Bridge

And finished. More once this one comes back from paint. Till then, keep pedaling.

Time for Paint...