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My Marauder Ti SS standard

Hey there singlespeed fans! This season I made a handful of updates to my personal Marauder Ti Singlespeed and I figured I’d share them here with all of you, my humble readers. This wasn’t necessarily by design but rather as new parts and problems arose, and some of which I broke… I made updates and upgrades as needed. I’m constantly refining my personal builds each year and fine-tuning the parts spec. This all naturally gets vetted over countless hours and miles of riding and then those parts that pass my litmus test of my constant “build, ride, repeat” mantra are passed along to my clients. So all this started with the release of XTR M9120 and the two-piston brakes. I ...

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Pink Marauder Singlespeed standard

So Dave’s dedicated Marauder SS is finally all finished up! With the Pandemic I’ve been experiencing some delays on components and I’ve seen a backlog of about 8 bikes slowly coming together in the assembly process. All of them waiting on just one component! So when Dave’s dropper finally arrived, I hopped to it and got his bike built up. I’ve been really jones’ing to get this one finished up. Dave picked a powder color called “racing raspberry” and I just knew this one was going to be a looker. A deep raspberry with metallic flake that just lights up in the sun. So here’s Miss September, Pinky Tuscadero, all finished up. Arthur Fonzarelli approved. Happy Days lie head for ...

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