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Respect the Mountain standard

I want to address trail etiquette, ethics and our collective responsibility as mountain bikers to The Mountain. I’ve ridden my fair share of single track over the years and and the more I frequent specific systems, the more I start to notice wear and tear. Some of it’s just what goes along with the territory as trail systems grow and more riders find their way to the trailhead. But other types of wear and tear is careless. I’m talking about trail widening. Cutting corners. B-lines. Etc. This kind of stuff is not acceptable. As mountain bikers we owe respect to the mountain we enjoy and we must take it upon ourselves to play steward to those trails. It all starts ...

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Just Ride standard

Over the years I’ve heard stories, read comments or caught a whiff of something to do with what kind of gear or bike people are riding. This vs that. You “need” this. You “can’t” have that… Luckily I’ve some how dodged this proverbial bullet on any of my own rides. I do get questioned or rather grilled at trade shows about my own bikes and how they’re put together along with what components I’m spec’ing and why. But of late, the frequency of these tall tales and commentary seems to be intensifying. I’m not sure what the cause is. Perhaps it’s because we do enjoy a lot of technological advances in the cycling industry just within the past decade let ...

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