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Huntsman Ti standard

Late this summer and into early fall, I completed my first pair of Titanium prototypes. One Marauder SS and one Huntsman 1×11. I actually finished the Huntsman first but forged on as my excitement built around my first titanium mountain bike… After all, I am a mountain biker at heart. Well, that left the Huntsman to be faced and chased at a later date. I had some time on my hands between some builds these past few weeks so I chased the bottom bracket one week along with a pair of client builds and then reamed the head tube on a separate weekend morning when I had some time. Then came the job of reaming the seat tube, which I ...

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Procedure standard

PROCEDURE: A series of steps followed in a regular definite order. Synonyms include: Course of action, plan of action, action plan, policy, series of steps, method, system, strategy, way, approach, formula, mechanism, methodology, modus operandi, MO, technique; routine, drill, practice, operation. Editors Note: I particularly like “Plan of Action” as it implies that, in this case a fabricator, must set out a path towards an end goal which requires trial and error, all executed by definitive action. There is no idleness in procedure; only one of industriousness, critical thought, and creativity to achieve improved result to solve a problem.

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Weather standard

I know a lot of you have been experiencing the same odd weather as we have here in New England. This winter has been exceptional in the sense that temperature swings have been quite dramatic. So much so I could wear shorts one afternoon and then be ensconced with goretex and layers of insulation the next. I’m talking 65° and sunny on a Monday and 5° and bone chilling on Tuesday. Needless to say it’s been tough riding this past winter. We’ll get really great snow but followed by rain or freezing rain the next which essentially throws that days enjoyment out the window. We did get a streak there in January and into early February where it was consistent ...

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Oranged 27 Plus standard

So it appears that Plus sized bikes have finally worked their way east into the collective conscience of my client base. A good majority of my clients call home here on the east coast. A good majority also hail from the mid-west too and if I were to take a guess, that’s where the majority of Huntsman builds have accumulated. But with Plus comes the advantage of traction, control, improved cornering capabilities, and ride quality all packed into a wheel size that’s just a bit under the diameter of a 29″ wheel. So that also makes it a really interesting wheel size that fits a lot of different rider heights. A lot of my clients here on the east coast ...

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