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A time to get political… standard

Like many of you, I’m a fierce advocate of conservation and preservation of our natural world. I volunteer a lot of my time and expertise to local conservation efforts and projects right here in my little corner of New Hampshire. It’s something small I do and I help where I can on a local level. But recent actions south of New Hampshire have been giving me pause as of late, and one such issue is public lands. If the locations which host our trails and more importantly our remaining open space are not maintained and preserved for future generations in perpetuity, we will lose access to that which we all hold so dear. I’ve been struggling to put into words, ...

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What I See standard

Occasionally, I take a picture of what I see. Not what it is that I happen to be working on, but what I “see”. A lot of what I see is often looking past the surface. And that gets at the type of work I do. It’s the type of work that requires you to listen with all of your senses. It’s the type of work where reliance on intuitive motion is essential. But it’s also one which requires a foundation of skills and a foundation of movement achieved through patience of time and dedication. It’s an immersion of your faculties. That type of motion where tool and muscle mate as one to an end purpose. A union of coexistence ...

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