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2016 in Review standard

2016 has had plenty of hills to climb. Reviewing my Flickr archive, which is pretty much where I catalog all of my work at length in addition to the words written here, there’s been a lot of great bikes that rolled out the door, an enormous investment in time and machining in making new tooling and most likely my favorite side project: Titanium. Overall I’d say that material has been incredibly rewarding as it’s been putting all my skills to the test and when I’m learning something new, I’m feeling the most fulfilled. It’s great to challenge your own process, problem solve and improve upon your own skill set. We had scheduled some bikepacking trips in between July and August ...

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THERMLX™ Branding Project standard

With the departure of True Temper as a U.S. supplier of bicycle tubing, many in the small niche of Bicycle Framebuilding had some concerns, including myself, as to who may fill that void. For myself, utilizing as many U.S. suppliers as possible is paramount not only for my own brand, 44 Bikes, but in a way I see it as a responsibility to support those who are committed to manufacturing right here in the USA. So when Vari-Wall stepped up to the plate with plans of producing high end tapered, seamless, air-hardening U.S. made steel tubing… I knew I not only wanted to be part of the project, I needed to be part of the project. So I reached out. ...

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Sunsets and Basketballs standard

When I was home over the holidays, I was reminded of just how sweet the sunsets are at good old 138 Jefferson Street. Being in town has it’s negatives compared to living off the beaten path (it does have some benefits too) but one of the perks of growing up where I did was the sunsets. East Greenville, along with adjoining towns of Pennsburg and Red Hill have the benefit of being perched up on top of a ridge and the area is in a bit of a valley with unobstructed views for a good ways. So when the sun sets, and the sky is clear, you’re in for a show. The above image, which was taken from our deck ...

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My First Precision Tool standard

The year was 1996. I was a student at Penn State University. I had recently been given permission to access a machine shop across the street from my studio on campus. I was turning and machining my own bicycle hubs and I needed my own dial caliper. The cheap one I had purchased from a local hardware store just wasn’t cutting it. So I called Starrett in Athol, MA and placed my order for a 6″ dial caliper. Red face. .001″ graduations. It’s measured parts on projects ever since then and never strays far from my Bridgeport or South Bend lathe. 20 years and still going strong. Thank you Starrett.

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