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In Short // On all things Curved standard

I hear this word a lot: “Curvalicious”… However, when I see what’s cited or given as an example? All I see, for the most part, is disjointed, haphazard connections with no respect to functional application and literally no eye for negative space. Me? I like to push and pull the eye in and through both positive and negative space in search of functional balance. I like my curves simple. I like my curves functional. Good design is as little design as possible. Everything has a purpose. Everything must be considered. I have to admit. I’m an Industrial Designer. Don’t get me started. For the pedantic types: haphazard adjective Shelley’s haphazard piles of laundry: random, unplanned, unsystematic, unmethodical, disorganized, disorderly, irregular, ...

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Testing Resolve standard

Two years ago, I was approached to help generate some new ideas, raise awareness and pull in fresh faces to raise money for the purchase and preservation of a local mountain here in Southern NH: Rose Mountain. The result was The Rose Mountain Rumble (RMR). About 30 riders participated in 2015 and we raised about $700 to aid in the successful purchase of the mountain by a local conservation organization, The Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC). Small in comparison to other donors but every little bit helps. We decided to make it an annual event to benefit my small home town of Lyndeborough and surrounding towns of the Piscataquog Watershed which the PLC looks to protect. This past August 27th of ...

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WTB Riddler TCS 45mm // First Impressions standard

WTB Riddler TCS 45mm Tire // The big question? How’s it compare to the WTB Nano TCS 40mm! Back in March of 2014, I received an invite from Wilderness Trail Bikes to test out a pair of their newly reintroduced WTB Nano tires in a 40mm profile. I was excited to say the least. Not only was I excited but I also gained a friend and eventually a client on the other end in return. My first 29er I built sported WTB Exi Wolves 2.3’s and the very first Huntsman was more of a monster cross type set up running WTB Nano’s in a 1.8″ profile. I always loved how the Nano’s spun and dug into loose dirt roads and ...

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