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Droppers standard

So I’ve had a bunch ask me what my opinion was about a Dropper seat post. Ironically my opinion was: I had none. Simply stated I didn’t have an opinion because I had never ridden with one and none of my personal bikes were set up to run one. There were a few things however that needed to happen before I could build around one and pack all the performance touches that make my bikes ride the way they do. First and foremost was the ability to offer a 30.9mm seat post in a radius seat tube. That tooling required some time to decode as I formalized the procedure and methods 2 seasons ago. Once that was in place, I ...

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Rules of the Trail standard

I was speaking with a good friend recently who I’ve known well over 20 years about trails, trail ethics and trail courtesy. We attended PSU together and met by chance I want to say in one of the dining halls? Both cyclists and both, I would say, not exactly cut from the cloth that made up the student body at the time at PSU. We didn’t drink. We didn’t party. Straight edge without declaring we were straight edge. Anyway, we used to ride around campus together, he on his BMX and me on my mountain bike (Me wanting to have a BMX but only had a mountain bike) and we’d attack just about every little feature on campus. We’d spot ...

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Ideas standard

So today was or rather still is April 1st. Aptly named “April Fools Day”. The cycling industry has a habit of putting out some fun stuff to honor this, once a year calendar date where no one hopefully takes themselves too seriously. Honestly, Industry 9’s mud pit was pretty hilarious in 2015. I had photoshopped a chopper version of my fat bike and had a few questions about how I overcome pedal strike… I had to point out the date to a few. This years edition? Well here she is: “For Immediate Release: 44 Bikes is proud to announce a whole new level of Standard to the Bicycle Industry. With the ever increasing complexity and choices available today in brake ...

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Lou’s Huntsman Catamount standard

Occasionally I have a challenging build that comes out of the shop. On average, most builds are simple in the fact that there isn’t a fit issue but more to do with incorporating several of the owners bikes, (wants and needs) in to one bike. The biggest challenge lay in the fact that at some point, my client had suffered a neck injury which required quite an upright riding stance. Like 10″ of bar to saddle rise type of upright stance. His bars sat at a neat 41.75″ from the ground. He was really happy with this set up but upon inspection, the way to achieve this was using a monstrous quill stem that was adjustable. So most of the ...

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