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Time to Tell it Like it is… standard

I recently read a short statement via John Watson’s Instagram account for The Radavist regarding racing and riding and I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment. Not to mention, it’s a notion I’ve held for a long, long time. The notion of riding more and racing less or maybe it’s more about riding and less about racing. How I say it is like this: Shred More. Race Less. Now that’s no dig on racing and competition. I think that’s a really healthy thing to do and for anyone looking to get in to cycling it’s a really great entry point. So I really want to say first that my opinion is not one against racing but rather one that advocates riding. ...

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What Season is it? Hunting Season! standard

We’ve got a lot of season’s it seems here in New England. Especially NH: We’ve got the text book Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter thing going on. But in there, between those lines there’s a bunch of others… Mud Season, Bug season (Which has it’s own subset of seasons, namely Black Fly Season, Horsefly Season, Mosquito Season, No-See-Um Season…), Tick Season, Screened in Porch Season, Oh-Shit it’s almost Winter time to get all those projects done Season, and of course just after that one we’ve got Hunting Season. Hunting in NH like most states is broken down into a series of dates where certain types of game along with certain types of “armament” are allowed to be hunted/utilized. The ones I ...

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