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Mean Machine in Review standard

So to follow up with the previous post, I wanted to break down the initial ride thoughts with lots of close ups. Always interesting to see how the dust settles on initial rides! This build was literally trial by fire with no time to do any pre-ride checks or take a few short rides to dial things in. So it made for a bit of fly by the seat of your pants riding. Good news is that the fit was dialed from the get go. The adjustments I made to the cockpit length were well suited for the terrain and allowed me to have periods of rest to shake out the arms and legs between tech sections, which for the ...

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MTN XXX : Builders’ Ride standard

Last August, I posted up an update to why I ride what I ride. You can read about this build’s previous incarnation here. Earlier this season, I made some big changes component wise from a mix of Sram XO/X9 which was a 1×10 setup (and ran a Wolftooth 40t cog for a bit too) to a Shimano XTR M9000 1×11 setup. You can read about that change here. This next incarnation dials in my own mountain bike even further. I read somewhere a few days ago someone asking opinions on how builders’ view “Tuning” their builds. I’ll do my best to help explain my own methodology with this whole notion of tuning the ride. So let’s get started! Let’s Tune ...

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