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Fresh Meat : WTB Trail Boss 2.4 and 2.25 standard

A while back I was contacted by Will at WTB with a simple question: “IF I send you set of 40mm Nano’s, will you try them out and report back?” My simple answer was “HECK YEAH I WILL.” This led to other things headed to 44HQ which include WTB’s Trail Boss Tires. See, when I first started building bikes of my own, it was with the express purpose to compare 26″ with the “newer” 29″ standard. I always felt that 26″ was just a hair bit too small for me (I stand 6’1″ on a good day), so as the 29″ standard started to become more widely available, I ironically just started to build my own bikes and hence that ...

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A day in this life standard

I get a lot of questions. One that pop’s up every now and again is for me to describe what a typical day is like here at 44HQ. Well, here is 6.10.2015: Wake up time was about 8am. I’ve never been a early riser. Honestly. I knew that a LONG time ago. My natural hours seem to be anywhere from 7:30am to about 1-2am (I’m a night owl, what can I say…). So wash up, get dressed and give Kaya some hugs and kisses. She needs these and it’s my job to give them to her. Mr. Kito got some too (he’s the King of the Kitty Castle, or so he thinks). Breakfast was 2 eggs, a piece of toast ...

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Builders’ Ride : Marauder SS w/ 1×11 Option standard

So a while back I built up a dedicated single speed for myself (view the full Flickr album here) I swap out bikes every now and again as my weekly riding takes shape. Most days I’m hitting the trails on my 1×11 setup. Some days though the hankering hits me for a pedal on the Single Speed. Keep things simple. Make the typical loops more challenging. I love that bike. But, as I’ve been building more bikes, going to more shows and meeting more and more clients / fellow riders, it’s become apparent to me that no only do people basically come to me for what I am riding, they’re also coming to me for my take on a hardtail ...

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Ride at 5 standard

The majority of my rides happen at the end of the day. I try and get out earlier on the weekends, but some times I get out later yet again on the weekends. Today, well.. that was one of those Saturday’s where the day went by and I still hadn’t managed to get out the door for a ride. I was building up a new single speed most of the afternoon after doing some chores around the house. The plan was to build it, and take it for the afternoon ride. Well, the rear brake line needed to be bled and of course… when I stood back and looked the rear brake line was “just too short” for my liking. ...

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Gold standard

Over the past few seasons, I’ve gathered that a bunch of TIG Welders follow me on Instagram. One comment I have been getting a lot of lately is “You need to get yourself a gold filter!”. Ok. I’ve been informed! I’ve been TIG Welding now for some 20 years and never really thought much of changing the lens which is a stock No. 10. Some swear by a No. 9. You get used to what you’re used to I suppose and in this case, I was used to what I was used to. But with this encouragement from fellow welders, I decided to track down a gold filter. But where to start. I knew nothing about said gold filter. All ...

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Marauder : Back in Black standard

I was getting some ribbing from some fellow builders’ not too long ago in regards to the sudden “change” in visual direction in terms of color. I assured them I had not strayed from the path. Cam’s Marauder quiets any doubt that 44 Bikes murders out bikes like no one else. The blue of the Industry 9 Trail 32 wheel set with an X9 driver for the XX1 drive train is hooked up with a blue Cane Creek 110 and the forks top caps. Schwalbe Racing Ralph’s 2.25″ mount up pretty close to a full 2.3 on this wheel set. Upon close inspection, the Racing Ralph is very close in nob arrangement to the venerable Hans Dampf (My personal favorite ...

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Huntsman Di2 standard

Every once in a while you get a client after your own heart. This Huntsman Di2 build is right up my alley. Room for 40mm tires, Di2 compatible and with the flat black powder, the gloss sparkle silver decal is a subtle accent to match the stainless head tube badge. A simple, straight forward build. Nothing to complain about here for me! I’ll let the pictures do the talking with this one. Like I said, it’s the simple things that some times make the biggest impact. ISO Mount Detail : Subtle curves hug the tire profile and give the rider good heal clearances : No frills side shot with a nod to the brand namesake only visible from the Drive ...

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