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Made in New Hampshire standard

I’ve been attempting to get my top mount decal art sorted. These will be printed by none other than SSSink. The logo and logo font have been finished for some time. The one piece that has had me a bit stumped was the “Made in NH” art. I’ve been working on and off for a few months now when inspiration hits me, and in between other design work or between frame builds. But this has one just seems to be evading me for some reason. Nothing felt right… Or “Just So” as Poppy would say. A good majority of the time, when I create graphics like this I have good direction, inspiration abounds and things come together. For whatever reason, ...

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Why Taper Matters standard

Every now and again, I find a discussion online that on the surface has points to consider but when you dig deep… something is missing. That recent discussion about Paragon’s Tapered Steerers started simple enough, then veered off only to discuss the “perceived” or implied notion that the move to taper was not necessarily a good one and I have to say left one massive question unanswered: WHY a tapered steerer over a straight steerer? Yes, taper comes from the road side of things and early carbon forks being terribly under built. Yes Paragon’s Taper steerer is terribly over built as it’s original purpose was for a Tandem 29+. But, in my opinion, when we look at a tapered steerer ...

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Rohloff 29er standard

Up above is Rich’s baby “Miss Jenny”. Rich came to me with a bunch of requests, insight and ideas. Actually, he wanted a fat bike. After a bunch of conversations and asking some detailed questions about what Rich intended to use his new bicycle for, I carefully persuaded that perhaps a Fat Bike was not really what he “needed”. A 29er was a much better match for what it was he was after. The above is the result, with a mix of components to wrap around that internally geared Rohloff hub. Jay Nutini performed the expert paint application and transformed Rich’s requests for color and my concept drawing into reality. (It’s always a pleasure working with Jay I will add!) ...

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Huntsman Out the Door standard

This is Julie’s Huntsman commissioned as a 1×11 to cruise dirt roads and have room for 40mm tires. Unlike most builds that seem to go through the doors, this one was liquid paint by Jay Nutini. Julie originally requested white with matching bands of Sour Apple Green to highlight the matching Chris King headset, bottom bracket and hubs. In a way, I was relieved to have a client excited about paint. It gives me an opportunity to add some flair and create refine the language that is unique to 44 Bikes. I had Jay work in some pearl and candy the green a touch. The bands wrap around to have a nice “dart” or point at their peek while being ...

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