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And Thus the Search Ends… standard

Ever since I opened the doors here at 44HQ, I’ve been on the hunt for a lathe. Specifically a South Bend Heavy 10. The reason for this machine is first they are readily available in New England, replacement parts and tooling are relatively easy to source and among other things: I just love the looks and feel of the lathe itself. The very first time I put my hands on a metal lathe, believe it or not, was in and around 6th or 7th grade. My middle school, Upper Perkiomen located in East Greenville, PA, exactly 1/2 mile from my front door, had a full wood shop and a darn near complete metal shop along with a small foundry. I ...

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44 Bikes : 2014 Year in Review standard

2014 was a good year. Good year of riding. Good year of building. Good year of designing. To lay 2014 to rest, I’ve picked out a handful of builds that stuck out for me (all of them were good, don’t get me wrong!). These are tough choices to make I must admit. Each build I produce for the client is special in their own way. There are a few at paint right now that make the list… There’s a few frame set’s that easily could make the list, especially Greg’s Oranged out Huntsman. But these are “Builders’ Choice” I’d say for 2014 and they are in no particular order. These are just the ones that stuck out a little more ...

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