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2014 Hampshire 100 X SWEEP REPORT standard

So this year I didn’t race the local event, The Hampshire 100. I figured (and wanted) to give back to such a great event so I volunteered Saturday to help out with registration. I had a few bikes on hand too, but it was more about answering questions, helping riders find their way and in one case: convincing someone NOT to duck out of the short track mtn. bike race because there were no other women signed up (and she did really well too against the men!). I also volunteered to lead out a group of riders saturday night to let them stretch their legs and I could show them some singletrack along with a little of the race course. ...

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44 Bikes MTN. SS XXX : My Ride standard

Originally, the 3rd installment of my “Why I build” series was going to be on my own personal fat bike. I’ve decided to shelve that one for a bit as I have some special updates for the 2015 Winter Season in order, which I think will be best addressed with the current build and compare it with the newer prototype. In contrast, many have sounded the alarm that they’re looking forward to my write up on my own personal singlespeed, so I decided the 3rd installment will be on my own personal singlespeed. So without any further delay, let’s roll up our sleeves and get right down to it… As you can see from the picture above, we’re looking at ...

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David’s Huntsman Signed, Sealed and Delivered standard

It’s always nice to finish up a build, finalize all the details with the client and then watch as Fedex picks up the big box of goods. Some may thing this is a tough thing to watch. I have to admit it gets me excited. The reason for this excitement is I basically put myself in my clients shoes at that moment and realize that after all the weeks and months of waiting and watching the build come together, this is the special moment when YOU KNOW the bike is on it’s way. I’m excited for them because I recall that first build being finished, and the sheer amount of joy it was to build it up, and take it ...

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Ron’s Huntsman Signed, Sealed and Delivered standard

Got word from Ron that he received his Huntsman from the sounds of it, he’s mighty pleased. He even mentioned he was currently mapping out the long way to work routes. This is the kind of stuff I like to hear – literally rearranging your schedule and beaten path to get in more shred! I’m pleased with the way this one turned out. Force 22, Thomson throughout, bobbed Honjo Fenders and matching rack all powdered in that satin black… Heck yeah. This one is what the Huntsman is all about: Commuter by day. Wolf by night. Or weekend. You choose. For those interested, here is the entire build set. I’ll let the pictures do the talking… Two parting head shots. ...

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44 Bikes Poster Series : AVAILABLE NOW standard

You guys asked for it… I’m delivering. After much debate over which posters to formalize, I settled on 3 which I believe make a great set. Order one, two or all three and save on shipping. These are hand printed by the good folks at Brainstorm in Dover, NH. Printed on thick 100lb 18×24 sheet made by the French Paper Co. That’s 100% Made in the USA. I wouldn’t have it any other way kids. Signed. Numbered. Archival. Worthy of a frame. Or not. Fit for any fine shop wall or festoon your man cave. Limited edition of 50. GET TO IT.

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44 Bikes MTN Bike XXX : My Ride standard

Last week I took the reader on a detailed journey about my personal Huntsman build. This was an account of not only the “what” behind a build, but more importantly the WHY behind the choices I made from geometry, to set up and component selection. Seems this was well received so I’ve decided to do a second installment. This one is about my personal mountain bike (pictured above). Before I take you through the entire build piece by piece, let’s first talk about terrain and setting. This is the foundation from which I build literally from the ground up. This is also the discussion I have with each and every client. Here goes… Terrain. This is the stuff bikes are ...

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