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44 Bikes Huntsman XXX : My Ride standard

Over the course of any given week, I get a lot of inquiries about custom bicycles. One of the build’s that typically gets a lot of attention is the Huntsman. Many come to me because the stock offerings just don’t quite fit what it is they’re looking for, sometimes figuratively and other times literally. No matter what it is they are looking for, one thing rings true: Riders want versatility. They want to run fenders when it rains, they might want the option of running something as large as a 40mm tire, like the 40mm WTB Nano for example. They want disk brakes. They want 2×11, maybe 1x something. They want to run it hard on gravel during the weekends, ...

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Fistful of Fat standard

It’s that time in the list. Fat bikes abound. In the next two weeks or so, two fat bikes should be done, 4 x 135mm unicrown steel forks should be finished and 3 different giant wheelsets should come in and out of the shop. 2 of which are HED Big Deal’s laced to I9 in 170 and 190mm spacing. There’s a 3rd secret bike happening in August. That’s all I’m saying on that one. You’ll just have to keep your nose to air for the internet scent to be picked up when the time comes. Here’s the start of Gordon’s Fat bike, 135mm front, 190mm rear. I’m considering rebuilding my own around 190mm to make more room for those 5″ ...

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Turbo.. standard

Finished and built up Ron’s Huntsman this past week – she ships out first thing Monday via Fedex. As I was wrapping the bars, which I always do last – just seems to put the lid on a build nicely – I was once again reminded of my old buddy Turbo. AKA TurboNerd… This brings to mind a fond memory. Every time I wrap a set of road handlebars, I’m reminded of a coworker I had the pleasure of working with who had the nickname of “Turbo”. I was introduced to “Turbo” when he moved from the sister store of the bike shop I worked in. He introduced himself, which I can’t recall his name, but then stated “but just ...

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Lynn’s Huntsman Di2 standard

Been a while as things have been busy juggling some design projects, getting thing sorted for the new 44 Bikes online shop thanks to some Big Cartel muscle and a lot of time on the phone with clients and customers. Somewhere in all that, I’m also getting bikes built! I don’t know how, but it’s happening. Hopefully the things return to a little more normalcy in August so I can have more focused time building. So it goes with being a one man operation. I can’t complain! And I think everyone will be really stoked with what I have been working on and have in store for all of you. Things are coming together and I can’t wait to share ...

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