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Enter the Dojo standard

Ever since my first mountain bike was purchased from the ol’T-Town Cycles, down in Trexlertown, PA… heck, ever since I can remember being into bicycles as a kid and teen, the basement corner with wrench in hand messing with my bike was THE place to be most nights. Sometimes I’d just stroll down there and give the bike one last wipe down and polish. Or just stand there, hands on bars and imagine bunny hopping some curb or leaning into some high speed corner. As I became more proficient with wrenching my bike, it became an endless pursuit of tweaking my setup, making sure my drivetrain was squeaky clean, bolts tightened, derailleurs adjusted and brake shoes “toed-in” just so. Over ...

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CX to Pow-DER standard

So I finished up my own CX bike this past week and got it over to powder. Looking forward to riding this one and putting it through it’s paces. I changed a few things as I’ve refined my approach to building these so it’s nice to incorporate those into a new proto for myself. Also decided to work around a Paragon Machine Works steel Post Mount part. I’m happy with the results albeit it is a bit heavier than the standard ISO mount. What might be nice is having just one generic post mount “stud” machined or have the same post mount but with longer “wings” below the post mounts so I have more room to work with. Also used ...

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CX Bike up Next standard

Another Huntsman CX to be used as a 1×10 and see mostly dirt roads. More soon as this one comes together. Making some slight changes to this one as I’ve honed how I make these from the past few builds… Lynn’s 650b all dressed up in her new shoes… Louis’s 29er just before I headed north this past Monday for a meet-n-ride in Vermont’s Kingdom Trails. Good day with Louis on his maiden voyage… Lucky No. 9-6 And of course, Lynn on her maiden voyage aboard her new 650b Lucky No. 205…

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Francois’s 650b off to Powder standard

Francois’s 650b came together nicely. She’s at powder now albeit with a slight delay for the powder shops gun in for repair. This one’s coming back “sparkle copper” which is basically a really bright deep orange with some sparkle. Should be a really nice finish. I9 wheels with Stan’s ARCH EX, Thomson, FOX Fit 120mm Float with 15mm thru axle and tapered steerer, Sram X9 throughout, Wolftooth 1×10 guideless setup.. can’t wait to get this one back and get it built. Here’s some shots for your enjoyment as she came together:

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