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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • Good day at 44 HQ

    Worked on revising the Pricing and Fit Guides today – now that a bunch of people have used them, some questions have come up that I can use to refine/combine all of these into one document. So I’ll be updating the format / design some. No change in pricing. Just more details and hopefully a …

  • Starting Patrick’s 29er SS

    So Patrick’s 29er is taking shape this week. His 29er will officially be the 10th frame to come out of the newly christened 44 Bikes Metal Shop. We’re officially in the double digits. Exciting stuff. Was prepping a bunch of things before the parts from Paragon arrived like bending chainstays and prepping seat tubes for …

  • 44 Bikes 2012 Tactical Field Manual

    Better late than never. Was working on this off and on throughout the year and spent the morning knocking out the last page which I had been meaning to do for some time. Get your copy here.

  • Tooling Time

    I’ve been really busy on top of building bikes with making new tooling and adapting my existing tooling to accept back purge for welding titanium and stainless. I put together this new head tube heat sync for the new 44mm head tube standard: First welds with the new heat sync: Also a favorite drawer with …

  • What’s Going on in the Shop!

    Howdy Partners. Been busy in the shop with bike construction, new tooling and up in the studio flexing those design muscles. Joe’s 29er is finished and arrived back from powder safe and sound. Here’s some shots of his SS / 1×10 which will be heading out to Arizona once our Fox fork comes in from …

  • Welding the HECK out of that…

    Shop is busy kids. Finishing one headed to the great state of MA. Next up will be a 29er headed to the great COUNTRY of Switzerland… more on that adventure. We’re international. Officially. Can’t wait to start that build in the coming days… Welding the HECK out of that, originally uploaded by 44 Bikes.

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