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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • Sooo Lonely…

    Moved the Frame Jig down into the shop yesterday. She needs to be fed a proper diet of tubes kids. I tell ya… But need to make a few small parts for her and still debating on shortening the main beam a bit. I don’t think I’ll be making any cargo bikes and if I …

  • Fixturing

    More fixtures… this ones for the seat stay bridge kids. Does curves too. One bolt or 2 for gorilla holding strength. I’m steam rolling through everything. Some small mods to be done on the frame jig and I’ll also be starting up my seat stay fixture as well. Soon. Very soon. Stay tuned and your …

  • Chainstay Mitering Jig

    We’re making progress over here kids. Check the Chainstay Mitering Jig on Flickr. More soon… Chips are flying. Chainstay Mitering Jig, originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

  • Today’s Effort

    Chainstay mitering bits in the house yo. Waiting on some tooling plate to arrive and we can call this one DONE. Today’s Effort, originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

  • Chainstay Mitering Tube Blocks

    Today’s work. Long time since I’ve posted. But the shop is running at 11 right now. The mill runs pretty much all day. Finished up the main tube mitering jig last week and the chainstay tacking jig the week past. This week I’m working on the chainstay and seatstay mitering jig. These took me all …

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