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Log ride with Dismount standard

Log ride with Dismount a video by BLACK CAP Studio on Flickr. My good bud Mike fights off Hoards of Mosquito’s to bring us this Logride with bonus dismount. jersey represent! Harold Parker State Forest in Andover Ma. Good times if you have not been. relatively flat but sweet singletrack and loads of tech/rocks.

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Ivan Illich on “THE BICYCLE” standard

“A century ago, the ball-bearing was invented. It reduced the coefficient of friction by a factor of a thousand. By applying a well-calibrated ball-bearing between two Neolithic millstones, a man could now grind in a day what took his ancestors a week. The ball-bearing also made possible the bicycle, allowing the wheel — probably the last of the great Neolithic inventions — finally to become useful for self-powered mobility. Man, unaided by any tool, gets around quite efficiently. He carries one gram of his weight over a kilometer in ten minutes by expending 0.75 calories. Man on his feet is thermodynamically more efficient than any motorized vehicle and most animals. For his weight, he performs more work in locomotion than ...

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Going that way standard

Scored a mother load of SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) from my good friends at Brooks Post & Beam yesterday. Took the morning off from work, got on the horn and borrowed my brother in law’s car/trailer. Nabbed the stack of SIPS and then dropped off the car/trailer. Then approximately 15 miles home on mostly dirt roads. This shot is in Francestown on my way over to New Road in Lyndeborough which, on a single speed, is a grudge match. Well worth it considering how many samolians I saved. Not to mention it’s a fun ride through the country. Going that way, originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

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MANDATORY VIEWING: Anne Lilly standard

Every once in a while I stumble on a real gem.  Today I stumbled.  Just south of 44HQ in the good town of Somerville Ma is sculptor Anne Lilly’s workshop.  Apparently there was a recent open house – I missed this unfortunately but through the miracle of Flickr, I found her work.  Check it out for yourself-I love machines, machinery and her attention to detail, craftsmanship and skill really hit a chord with my design sensibilities.  So simple, so elegant and man if they just don’t beat to their own tune. Up above is a favorite (it’s tough-they all are my favorite).  Check out that play with negative space.  The form ever changing but has a consistent visual motion.  My ...

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