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The 29er “Short Chainstay” Debate standard

Interesting thread happening over on MTBR right now regarding short chainstays and 29er’s. I’ve heard this debate before and read countless discussions to it’s regard. I’ll take some time here to let you know what I think so here goes.  Let’s establish some criteria first: 1.  According to what I’ve heard and personally what I believe, 17.00″ chainstays for a 29er that see’s trail duty, especially here in New England is on the long side.  Tight turns, twisties, rocks, roots etc. and especially trying to hop all of the mentioned become a bit laborious.  The ride is a bit sluggish.  In contrast, 17.00″ chainstays in steel do reap the full benefits of steels resilience.  So handling bad, feel good. 2. ...

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Shop Report: 4.9.2011 standard

Like the sign says, time to clean up the one horse town. Lots to be done. But it’s always good to start with a clean slate. So Saturday I spent the better half of the day cleaning things out in the shop and assessing first steps. Next up: Remove all the old wiring. Fun times ahead. Shop Report: 4.9.2011, originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

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