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Even BIGGER – 44 Frame Jig standard

Finalized the mounts for the support arm. Once the shop is finalized, I’m going to redesign it a bit so it’s a little beefier. But for now, this bad larry sits in the dictionary beside for the definition: BIGDADDYDIESEL. Big thanks to my good friends/client at Pro-Cut, USA for the trolley. Big thanks to Ted Wojcik, Phil Brooks and Mr. Bloom for letting me use their shops. Couldn’t have done it without their generous support. Even BIGGER – 44 Frame Jig, originally uploaded by BLACK CAP Studio.

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Facebook Page is Live standard

Hey everyone-just wanted to share that the official 44 Bikes Facebook page is up and running at full power. RAW POWER. Just another way for you to follow along with all the bike tastiness that is 44 Bikes. Just waiting out the winter here before the shop gets completely rebuilt. Till then keep your eyes peeled on the 44 Facebook page, this halfwit blog and of course, the 44 Flickr page. Components for the frame jig should be arriving sometime this friday… Stay tuned. Till then, keep the rubber side down and the pedals crankin’. My shoes on a good day.  I heart Sidi Dominators.

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