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Fats, Snow and New Lines standard

Hey-went for a quick one yesterday over in Greenfield NH yesterday.  Secret spot #005 in these here parts.  Had to go looking for snow.  Go figure.  But it was indeed a good ride-short, but that’s all I had time for.  Noodled the website a little as well as this blog format thing and well, got the answers to some questions I had and post ride I didn’t even bother to change: just back into the studio, rolled up the sleeves and got back to work.  That’s how we roll sometimes.  Good stuff.  But rode a loop in an opposite direction and found a new line (to me).  I’ll have to go back and rake in the approach…  Also been trying ...

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Snakedriver in the Cold standard

Been busy with all kinds of things.  Shop is getting a full buildout in the spring, website is currently being redesigned and in beta testing. Heck even updating to a wordpress format as well.  Currently doing that now as I type.  But yesterday was a cold one: 19deg. without the wind chill factored in.  Took the Snakedriver out for a little dusting on some local trails.  Good stuff.  Check it out on the flickr page. Peep the shot up above.

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Lot’s going on over here in the studio. It’s been a while but you’ll really want to hear what’s going on. So this past summer I’ve decided to put time/effort into getting my shop ready here in New Hampshire. Some upgrades to our current service needed to be done so that the shop can get some high power juice. That involved HAND DIGGING a 160ft. trench. Uphill. Both ways. That’s finished, and all the 2″ pipe has been laid before the winter hit. The line and the rest of the electricals will be finished early spring 2011. Late spring early summer 2011 the shop will get a new floor poured and a full buildout will be in order. I hope ...

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