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POST#44 – Snakedriver coming together standard

Was at the shop yesterday and was successful in mitering, prepping and tacking the front triangle assembly to the bb/cs assembly. I’m starting to get the whole process down better with each frame and getting in tune with the whole process. Some quick shots of the build progress: Tacked up and waiting for next week Bushnell EBB detail Pieces parts. The Speedway Cycles 50mm UMA 26″ rim showed up today at the studio. Thanks so much Speedway for sending this on over out here on the right coast! Can’t wait to build this up. Waiting on Paul Components next run of 135mm Whub front hubs to go into production. 4 weeks out apparently. Until then, its casting shadows. Also had ...

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New Winter Build: SNAKEDRIVER standard

Oh that’s right people. Going to be doing an update to the fabled Snakedriver. Rode a full season/winter on the proto #1 when I wasn’t on the f1. (which sometimes was tough with all this good weather, good trails and good setup which I came to enjoy…) But one thing was for sure, riding in the winter has been getting tough. Not because of the cold or snow, but more so because of the setup. I had options but still there were some holes. So back to the drawing board. I was building more for nothing larger than a 2.1 in the back. You can squeeze a 2.3 out there, but I’d prefer more room. So this next build is ...

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