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44f1 Finished standard

So I finally finished my much anticipated new 29er frame: 44f1. “F” for flair, “1” for one bend in the ST. I’ve ridden the first proto for some time now and decided it was time to make some changes from the very first proto Ted and I made last year. The first rendition threw me a curve ball resulting in a slightly slacker seat tube angle than I desired. So back to the drawing board. All that effort definitely paid off as naturally I not only learned a lot by making those mistakes, it also gave me more time on the first proto to start re-evaluating some of those early decisions/directions I had taken. So changes were in order-subtle but ...

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New badges arrived. Stoked. Clean. Simple. Better. Not to mention the seat tube badge now states where they’re made. Even if it’s one at a time-that stamp of “Made in the USA” is more important than ever before.Head tube badge in non-titled version. Seat tube badge with rider option of a ‘owner number’. Pick your lucky number. Ours happens to be 44.. This ones the fully revised 44f1. Can’t wait for the face/chase so I can build it up. Also back from paint were two 44s’s. Rohloff frame in wet black and the other in a candy red. Amazing finish provided by Jim at Rev Auto Limit/Extreme Powder Coating. Great work again fella’s. More pics to follow shortly..

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Bridges standard

That was the line of business today. Formed. Fitted. Ready for action. Really like how this turned out. Mirrors the profile of the tire well. The disk brake bridge also is curved too. (shown just before she was tacked in place utilizing a framebuilders 3rd hand..) I must admit that these were relatively the same amount of work as I have found making a straight bridge. A little extra effort as per the curve, but I think that little extra step is worth it in the end. More on this next week. All that’s left with the 29f1 and 26s for Franky is to fit/weld up the disk mounts. Then these are ready for paint. Better even ready to ride. ...

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