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29f1 standard

Check this out: 16.75″ Chainstays with the help of a shaped seat tube, room for 2.5+ tires, massive standover, and angles suited to picking your line in the New England tech. Can’t wait for this one to be done. 29″ for the wheels, ‘F’ for flaired stays, and the ‘1’ stands for one shaped tube. No graphics-just hot rod black and stainless etched badges. Giddy up. Pieces parts for the main triangle. Welds are getting better – more practice though.

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BUILT standard

44 26f Another view – mean and clean. Here’s a rare sight… 2 44’s side by side. You’ll notice something about 44’s: No graphics with the exception of two badges. One on the seat tube and of course one on the headtube. Why? Why not. Flat black is to hotrods as no graphics are to 44’s. It’s that simple. These are hot rods not billboards. Each one is spec’d custom for the ride and built for fun.

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