Monthly ArchivesFebruary 2009

ZAP standard

14″ frame in the works for my wife Lynn. 26″ hoops on this one. Lots of standover naturally. Chainstays look to be coming in at 16 pinned. Using some Paragon Wright dropouts for this build. Digging the nice big flanges on them. More to come this friday.. gettin’ shit done for her upcoming birthday. Build fest monday night when it comes back from paint..

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44 Catalog standard

Working on a catalog PDF of the first 44 Prototype with ride notes, construction and more.  Stay Tuned.  In other news I’m also putting together a marketing piece for Ted that will be really way of displaying all his capabilities to potential customers.  In the meantime, check out his offerings.  More to come this friday so hang tight kiddies.. This should hold you over till the next bat signal can be arranged.

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