The Huntsman // Steel

“Road” is a relative word. In my neck of the woods, not all roads are paved. I build my road bikes for versatility. Skinny tires, fat tires, cross tires. Room for fenders. Room for mud. Race it on the weekend. Beat the hell out of it during the week. Take it out on a long tour. You know that road you keep passing on your way home from work? Find out where that leads… The Huntsman is the bike that covers all the bases. I like to call this one “The Mountain Biker’s Road Bike”.  And what’s great about this one is there’s a laundry list of options that I can tailor the ride to your specific needs.  50mm tires, drop bars and disc brakes?  You’re speaking my language.  Let’s talk!

Fit Form // Steel

Want to get started?  Then roll up your sleeves!   The Fit Form contains a complete list of options and pricing.

FAQ // Steel

Have a question?  Refer to the FAQ first…

The Details

  • Made to Measure : Your bike is designed and built to your exacting measurements.
  • 1x · 2x · 3x · Di2 : Every Huntsman can be configured to run any combination of drivetrain you wish.  Want to run 1x only?  We can make it dedicated.  Want to be able to run 2x but also want to try out a 1x set up?  I can design your bike so things look clean in either mode.  3x?  So long as the cranksets are still available!
  • Tire Clearance : A running theme seems to be clearance for 40mm tires.  So the vast majority roll out 44HQ’s doors with room for 40mm tires.  If you want to only run 28’s, I can build around that.  Want to really get nuts and run 2.1’s or maybe even 2.3’s?  I call that the “Super Trail”.  Let’s do it!
  • Geometry : Here’s where some times I might put my foot down.  I’ve spent a lot of time honing my geometry so the bikes excel in every possible situation and terrain.  They are designed to be quick, snappy and accelerate with speed.  Agile and confidence inspiring in the rough.  Stable under load when putting the pedal to the metal.  These aren’t twitchy builds.  Corner with confidence.  Get out of the saddle and get after it.  Climb all day.  Descend with white teeth and white eyes.
  • Options :  If you haven’t, click on the above “Fit Form”.  It’s a direct download to a PDF which gives you a list of available options along with pricing.  However, the most standard set of options are 44mm head tubes, PMW’s Wright dropouts (QR or 12mm TA), 2 pairs of bottle mounts, internal rear brake routing along the top tube and traditional down tube routing for front and rear derailleurs.
  • Signature Style : You’ll note that the Huntsman has a certain “stance”.  The front triangle is all business.  Big tubes.  Almost like a set of boxing gloves poised for the fight.  Then move your eyes to the rear triangle and things seem to fade into something a bit more delicate.  The chainstays are my signature “Straight Edge” design.  Ample tire and heel clearance but formed along the center section to add a layer of lateral stiffness which equates to power transfer.  The seat stays are deeply curved into an hour glass figure to give you additional heel clearance,  hug the tire for mud clearances but add a layer of resiliency to further nurture steel’s highly sought after attributes on long days.


“Road” is a relative word. In my neck of the woods, not all roads are paved. The Huntsman is the bike that covers all the bases.


The New England hardtail mountain bike.  Low slung. Aggressive.  Built for the rigors of technically demanding terrain.

Kid Dangerous

Paths less traveled. Directions unknown. Lost and found.  The Kid knows the unknown path better than most.

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