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My parents were up this weekend for a visit. Leading up to the date, I was prepping a bike for my Dad. When I built the next version of my own fat bike, I made some upgrades that left me with essentially a parts kit for another bike… I was originally going to sell everything off but I got to thinking. My Dad had been really curious about my fat bike and speaking with him, I got the hunch that perhaps the Plus sized tires would actually be right up his alley. He does a lot of mixed terrain, some single track but he also needs something to take him off the beaten path to access some lake shore lines as well as crossing fields and such as he does a lot of arrowhead hunting back home in PA. My hometown and surrounding area is littered with old farmers fields that if you know what and where to look, you’ll come back with pockets full of percussion flakes and the occasional point/artifact. This is something as a kid, he taught me and we shared many afternoons searching together. A plan started to formulate and I made a few slight upgrades with new brakes, grips and I had a spare set of Jones Loop Bars too which are perfect for carrying a small load. Rather than sell this beast, I decided to keep it in the family so to speak.

So up above is my Dad with his brand new 29+. This bike was technically Proto #3 and was built to take both 5″ fat bike wheels and 29+. Like I said above and after speaking with him a bunch this weekend, 29+ seemed to fit the bill! With a few adjustments things fit him well (actually I guessed on the saddle height and it was perfect…).

For the record, this is the guy who 44 Bikes is largely inspired by and where the number comes from… His number was “44” and why I basically wore/chose “44” as my own number. Much of what I know and what made me who I am is because of him. Super proud to have Dad on a 44 and he was really looking forward to getting his new bike home, re-assembled and hitting some dirt. I can’t wait to hear about all his adventures and where this bikes takes him. (Love you Dad and it was wonderful to give you the bike.)

Here’s a few shots of the build for all to enjoy…

Dad's 29+!

1x10 Drivetrain

Made in NH

My Dad chose his lucky number to be 138. This is the street number of my parents home in PA. What I did not know is that the numbers 1, 3 and 8 kept popping up for my Dad. Apparently it was the last three digits of his first car’s license plate (318) and ironically his room number in his barracks in the Air Force (318). Nice little piece of number history.

Lucky No. 138

Parting Shot.

Dad's 29+!