Kid Dangerous

Forged from the pure trail experience of classic East Coast technical trails, this is the platform built for taking your ride to the next level. I take my mountain bikes seriously and I’m lucky to have trails right from the doors of my New England shop. The endless build, ride, refine and back to the drawing board. Repeat. I package the essence of the trail as best as I can into each build so the rider can share only the best experience through my work. Truly one with the trail and an extension of the rider. These mountain bikes are ready to hit the trail and head off Into the Shred.

Fit Form

Want to get started?  Then roll up your sleeves!   The Fit Form contains a complete list of options and pricing.


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The Details

  • Made to Measure : Your bike is designed and built to your exacting measurements.  We speak about your terrain, your riding style and how you want to use your bicycle.  All these notes in addition to your personal measurements and any fit information you’d like to provide from a professional fitter then get funneled into the design and fabrication of your next bicycle.
  • 1x · 2x · 3x · Di2 · SS : Every Kid Dangerous can be configured to run any combination of drivetrain you wish.  Want to run 1x only?  We can make it dedicated.  The modern hardtail mountain bike runs a dedicated 1x drivetrain.  Want to be able to run 2x but also want to try out a 1x set up?  I can design your bike so things look clean in either mode.  3x?  So long as the cranksets are still available!  My own opinion?  The 11 speed groups available today give you exactly what you need and don’t leave you wanting anything more. The elimination of the front derailleur simplifies the system.  That 40 or 42t cassette cog in combination with a 30t or 32t thick/thin chainring is the business!  However, this is just my opinion.  If you want a 2x, let’s do it!  Singlespeed?  You got it…
  • Tire Clearance : One attribute of early mountain bikes was the clear lack of tire clearance. Just when a new tire would come out, I always had to ask: “but will it fit?”  Things moved quickly and especially now, tires and wheel options are ever changing.  Bigger and wider seems to be the trend.  As an answer to this problem, all my mountain bikes leave 44HQ with the ability to run 2.4″ tires on a wide rim.  If you want to run Plus sized tires, let’s talk.  We can do it and Plus has many interesting advantages such as lower tire pressure, increased traction and increased confidence in tech.
  • Geometry : The bike I build the most of are Huntsman’s.  However, my heart lies in the woods and I could only keep one bike it would be my hardtail mountain bike!  So I’ve spent a good deal of time perfecting my mountain bike geometry.  It’s truly my passion and I want a “mountain bike”.  You know, the kind of bike that climbs as well as it descends.  Is hungry for techy rock gardens, eats roots for breakfast and washes it all down with a swoopy sweet descent.  All angles are “sagged” measurements if a suspension fork is to be run.  That rear end is short.  29″ wheels, room for 2.4″ tires and you want 16″ chainstay length?  No problem.  Basically I build mountain bikes in the traditional sense of the word.  If you want a trail shredder look no further.  Want a race ready rig?  I can build that too.  But when  it comes to shredding, these are Made to Shred™.
  • Options :  If you haven’t, click on the above “Fit Form”.  It’s a direct download to a PDF which gives you a list of available options along with pricing.  However, the most standard set of options are 44mm head tubes, PMW’s Wright dropouts (QR or 12mm TA), 1-2 pairs of bottle mounts, dedicated 1x drivetrain, full housing for derailleurs and brakes with a dropper option, radius seat tube (available for both 27.2 and 30.9mm seat posts / dropper posts) and those swoopy sweet triple bend seat stays coupled with that curved seat tube bridge to give you that extra bit of standover.
  • Signature Style : Geometry wise, both the Marauder and Kid Dangerous can be configured just about the same way.  It comes down to style: Do you just love that classic clean look of a diamond hard tail mountain bike?  Then the Marauder is your ticket.  Do you want swoopy sweetness packed with personality?  Then Kid Dangerous takes center stage.  This was the first bike I built for myself.  I had to really push the concept of what defines a mountain bike for me.  All those curves are functionally driven.  The seat tube brace/extension gives you loads of standover so if you need to put a foot down, “the boys” don’t pay the price.  Form wise, the curve of the brace adds a nice smooth transition from seat tube to top tube  and just happens to be a great place to park your bottom when taking a break.  That low slung top tube?  More standover.  Those curves in the seat stays?  Heal and mud clearance in the horizontal plane, but maintains that uninterrupted clean line from head tube to dropouts.  One draw back?  You can’t run two full sized water bottles.  Either you need to run 1 bottle, or 1 large and one small.  Need a 3rd?  We can do that too under the down tube.  Those curves are pleasing to the eye but all have their place functionally.


“Road” is a relative word. In my neck of the woods, not all roads are paved. The Huntsman is the bike that covers all the bases.

Kid Dangerous

Forged from the pure trail experience of classic East Coast technical Single Track.  This is the platform built for taking your ride to the next level.


The New England hard tail mountain bike.  Low slung.  Aggressive.  Built for the rigors of technically demanding terrain.


Paths less traveled. Directions unknown. Lost and found.  The Snakedriver knows the unknown path better than most.

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