The Snakedriver

Paths less traveled. Directions unknown. Lost and found. This is the story of the Snakedriver. It’s the bike built for going where no rider dares to go. So pick your adventure: Plus, Fat, Rohloff equipped… Maybe all 3 or none of the above. This is the bike that gets you “out there”. 4 seasons, come rain, snow, sunshine, mud, muck, blood and picking bugs from between your teeth. Let’s talk about your adventure and figure out what wheels best suit the trails and roads you’re riding. Pack it up with  frame bags, racks, lights and extra bottle cages. Classic diamond frames or low slung swoopy sweetness. The Snakedriver knows the unknown path better than most…

Fit Form

Want to get started?  Then roll up your sleeves!   The Fit Form contains a complete list of options and pricing.


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The Details

  • Made to Measure : Your bike is designed and built to your exacting measurements.  We speak about your terrain, your riding style and how you want to use your bicycle.  All these notes in addition to your personal measurements and any fit information you’d like to provide from a professional fitter then get funneled into the design and fabrication of your next bicycle.
  • 1x · 2x · 3x · Di2 : Every Snakedriver can be configured to run any combination of drivetrain you wish.  Want to run 1x only?  We can make it dedicated. In many ways, a fat bike really benefits from a 1x drivetrain.  Those big 5″ tires need as much room as they can get!  Want to be able to run 2x but also want to try out a 1x set up?  I can design your bike so things look clean in either mode.  3x?  So long as the cranksets are still available!
  • Tire Clearance : Many ask me what they should run.  4″ tires or 5″ tires?  Which one is for me?  Well the short answer is quite simple.  Do you measure your base in inches?  Then 4″ tires are sufficient.  Do you measure your base in feet?  5″ tires are a must.  They provide that little extra bit of float that is the difference between riding and walking.  But maybe you don’t want your Snakedriver to be “snow-sclusive”.  In that case, here’s where that conversation about terrain and how you will be riding your bike comes in to play.  The more details we can speak about, the better I can direct the conversation so what you want is then built into what you need.
  • Geometry : Bikes built exclusively for snow are quite different than bikes built for dirt.  If you want a mix of both and really truly need a bike that is 4 seasons, I can build that for you.  I’ve tuned my mountain bikes to tackle technical singletrack and all that can be built into the rider who wants to throw down on their fat bike.  But if you want this sucker to perform in the snow, then the wheelbase is gonna be stretch, that head angle’s going to be nice and slack (68-69°), the bottom bracket’s going to be dropped and the chainstays will be a tad longer.  All this equates to keeping the bike stable in snow’s unruly nature.  Promoting that front end to pop up and ON top of the snow and keep those tires floating under power for the duration of the ride.
  • Options :  If you haven’t, click on the above “Fit Form”.  It’s a direct download to a PDF which gives you a list of available options along with pricing.  However, the most standard set of options are 44mm head tubes, PMW’s Wright dropouts (QR or 12mm TA), 1-2 pairs of bottle mounts, dedicated 1x drivetrain, full housing for derailleurs and brakes with a dropper option, radius seat tube (available for both 27.2 and 30.9mm seat posts / dropper posts), and those swoopy sweet triple bend seat stays.
  • Signature Style : The Snakedriver definitely has a look to it.  Big.  Long.  Mean.  Ready for that next adventure.  But let’s not stop there.  you want integrated bike packing bags?  Let’s talk with your bag maker and iron out the details.  1, 2, 3, 4 or maybe 5+ bottle mounts (2 on the fork to make it 5)?  Let’s go for it.  12x197mm TA?  Yes please!  15mm front TA, made to order unicrown fork with tapered steerer?  Hell yes!  The Snakedriver truly does know the path less traveled and I can’t wait to speak with you to build your ultimate adventure bike.  Hands down: This is the Snakedriver.


“Road” is a relative word. In my neck of the woods, not all roads are paved. The Huntsman is the bike that covers all the bases.

Kid Dangerous

Forged from the pure trail experience of classic East Coast technical Single Track.  This is the platform built for taking your ride to the next level.


The New England hard tail mountain bike.  Low slung.  Aggressive.  Built for the rigors of technically demanding terrain.


Paths less traveled. Directions unknown. Lost and found.  The Snakedriver knows the unknown path better than most.

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