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The story of 44 Bikes for me starts in High School when I purchased my first mountain bike. I saved up for months and had my dad take me over to Trexlertown, PA. Just beside the Velodrome, there was a bike shop fully stocked with more bikes than I had ever seen before-just dripping with 90's neon and anodized in a multitude of color. That new bike smell saturated the air inside. I came out of there with a brand new set of wheels. That thing took me everywhere. The hook was firmly set.

From those early days riding as a kid for the first time around the block to my first real mountain bike, and to the ride I just went on yesterday, one constant has remained: There's nothing finer than riding a bike. The path you choose and the experience of the trail is unlike any other feeling. Needless to say, all of my passion, experience and creativity is funneled directly into 44 Bikes.

I split time now between running two businesses: BLACKCAP Studio, a small design agency specializing in Product and Graphic Design and 44 Bikes. At BCS, I don't always have the ability to design the way I would prefer: design and build. Most projects have to stay in the virtual world where I sketch, formalize and oversee production. 44 allows me to draw on years of experience & craft and enable me to channel that into building frames. It really lets my mind relax and realize something completely different. My grand father was a TIG welder so it's in my blood. I absolutely love working with metal. Its a demanding medium that commands your attention and puts your process to the test. 44 represents that chance to realize ambitions, experiment with materials and put talent to good use. Its an outlet for creativity, aspirations and craft. Form and function converge as one.

One last note: I encourage everyone to ride their bike each and every day. Set out on new adventures and take the path less traveled. You never know what lies for you just around the bend or at the top of the next hill. Hopefully in the near future, you and I will be able to share that experience or that grind to the top. Bicycles certainly bring us all together. Thanks for stopping by.

For those who are interested, I have been "Smoked Out" on Velocipede Salon. You can read that on-going story HERE. I also have a pretty extensive thread on The Garage Journal of the 44 Shop Build Out. You can read the full thread and on-going story/developments HERE.