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Huntsman X Flat Black w/ Reserve Stock Gold Decals standard

Up on deck once the decals arrived was Jimmy’s Huntsman. Jim’s currently deployed overseas, so we’ve been talking about his build via email when he can get a connection. Once decals arrived, there was a slight hitch with my signature flat black/gloss decal look. The two new decals (Swear to Shred and Made in NH) have an overprint of mylar which actually is a field instead of an outline like the large DT Script. Kind of standard practice since they are small and on the delicate side. Well, on flat black, the gloss black field of powers the black letters of the smaller decals (large decals are fine) and you just see that outlined field. Ok, but not so ok. ...

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The Eagle Has Landed standard

44TSB-1 44 Bikes Technical Service Bulletin No. 1 : Attention all clients of the past. For immediate release, an official 44 Bikes Decal Kit of your choosing in Black, White, Silver, Red or Blue. (Gold is a special reserve stock for special projects temporarily until we can get more printed). Please contact me directly, contact information via my website if you would like a kit to replace your existing Vinyl decals! Huntsman’s get the large SICK & Single Decal Kit, mountain bikes/fat bikes get the Double Trouble Down Tube Kit. I’ll include the 44 Bikes HT Decal for your car, coffee cup, computer or tool box. I’ll ship these out with special instructions for placement guidelines. Free of charge. These ...

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